All team photography provided by Laura Metzler

Since 2006, we have led the effort to raise funds in Washington D.C. and plan successful events for over 50 Democratic campaigns and other organizations. Our combined six decades of experience has served our clients well.

At Molly Allen Associates LLC, we custom design programs for each of our clients based on their specific needs:

  • D.C. and PAC Fundraising. We fundraise by extensive research, targeting, email and phone solicitation, close coordination with state and district efforts, tracking, and follow-up. We leave no stone unturned.

  • Financial Planning and Management. We develop fundraising plans and cash flow projections to meet the financial needs of each client.

  • Event Planning. We plan and coordinate both small and large corporate events from the first design concept to final execution.

  • Corporate Consulting. We assist our corporate clients with their internal event needs or external government affairs outreach.

“Molly Allen and her team are experienced, dependable and hardworking fundraising consultants. From developing a tailored fundraising plan for my campaign to event planning, I have been continually impressed with Molly’s work.”
— Dan Kildee, Member of Congress, 2013 - present
“Molly Allen Associates was an experienced, effective and invaluable asset to my campaign. As a regularly targeted DCCC “Frontliner”, my races require maximum fundraising to compete with top tier opponents funded by the National Republican Campaign Committee and right-leaning SuperPACs. Molly and her team always delivered, and I could count on her deep network of contacts in the PAC community and across Washington, DC to meet my every campaign finance need.”
— Tim Bishop, Member of Congress, 2003-2015
“Molly Allen is hardworking, professional, creative and effective as a finance consultant, and most importantly, as a member of your campaign team. She is collaborative and an incredible pleasure to work with.”
— Sandy Levin, Member of Congress, 1983-2019